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Month: March 2009

aler, terbeli aje

there was a fukken awesome thunderstorm last week. first, i hear some popping sound and then the power trip off. lucky we have change the ancient fuse board (and i mean ancient like 30 years ago) to a new power board with some leet technology or something will fry i tell you. after turning it on, all was okay except my 4 year old voltage regulator or AVR. well, huh, maybe it’s time for it to dead. it already serve me well.

was thinking of gettign a new and better one but not in an instant. well, i have to arrange my financial first beforehand. but…maybe i don’t like to wait. i walked and walked and suddenly arrieved at low yat plaza and didn’t notice that i have started paying for a brand new KOSS AVR, a new Sandisk CF memory card for my camera and some computer stuff. well, i guess this might be handy when i do my income tax later.

went home with this anticipation of setting up the new voltage regulator. taking out the old one and plug in the new one. all runs well. suddenly, i feel like want to check the old AVR before throwing it out. belek and belek, i try to change the plug fuse with a new one. well yeah, guess what, it works. fuck. yeah. fuck.

i dunno what to say. maybe the only thing i can say is that, i now have two AVR. i LOL’ed at myself. yer fukken impulse buyer. napsu setan…ahaks. lucky i didn’t throw the old one away though.

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earth hour 2009

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support? i dunno lol. but then again, yeah, i’ll probably support. for the symbolic gesture and oh for fun, i’ll switch off my lights. all kinds of lights. after all, this is a good cause for the mother earth since we didn’t quite sure yet is mars really habitable, infested with transformers, etc.

then, when someday people ask me, “what the fuck have i done for the earth?”

i can just smile, put on my cool face and say, “i switch off the lights for 1 hour on earth hour”




haritu aku naik lrt pakai headphone besar ni. ada la beberapa orang pandang pelik. kekeke…jangan jeles. hajat di hati nak upgrade ke zune (ipod sucks lol), tapi kene tunggu dulu.

lagipun menatang mp3 player ni dah berkhidmat lebih 1 tahun. besar jasa tuh. kekkekeke…

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hmm…tengah kemas bilik. dalam 5 kotak yang dikemas, adalah dekat separuh sampah-sampah/benda yang tak perlu digunakan lagi. ceh. tapi, dalam banyak-banyak tu, ada lah terjumpa beberapa benda-benda klasik. lol.

tapi, itulah masalahnya. bila konsider benda-benda ni klasik, tangan memang gatal la nak simpan. pastu tunggu 10 tahun lagi aku kemas kotak-kotak ni, akan di declare klasik lagi.


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do not drive


this is a bit of ranting. well, what good is a blog if it didn’t used for ranting right? ha ha. anyways, be reminded that i’m not a sexist. i’m just against stupid people. heheh…

anyways, i’m on my way from work. you know, tired and all. i was driving and suddenly this idiot woman drivers her car, exiting a lane on the right very fast and nearly hit my car. i stopped my car and obviously horn her since she is in my lane and apparently nearly hit my car. wtf. i see there is a small kid inside the car. after second horn, she didn’t move. i went out from my car and then she back out her crap car and leave. wtf. woman like this should not drive. she will endangered her children. kitchen. there she should be.

a mechanic friend of mine who was there told me where she lives. but then i said, it’s ok…just a reminder. crazy woman, stay in the kitchen. ok?

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