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Why I like taking the LRT

‘Sup? Here’s something that I like to share with all of youse.

I drive a car to work. Easier and sometimes convenient. The only problem with driving is finding a parking spot and traffic jam. Mah fukken place don’t have an allocation yet for monthly pass. Full house. I have to wait until somebody die first.

So, another alternative is taking the LRT. I don’t like it at first. Over crowded, people touching me, big disease carrying box, queing up, etc. But then, I slowly like it and apparently adapt to it. Why? The main reason is that I get to exercise. I mean, who have time to exercise now? Before this, I can only do it on weekends but now, everyday yo!

1. The leg
Walking from the LRT car park to the station. Wait for the LRT to come. Walk from LRT to my destination. Heck. That’s a lot of walking and the use of legs.

2. The hands
Holding the handle or anything that you can grab in the LRT. Swiping the card. Woahh, it’s gonna buff up my arms man.

3. Body
A lot of walking surely can burn some fat. Good for health. Who knows it’ll give you a six pack too?

4. Eyes
Moving eyes up and down, left and right. Looking at what? Downblouse cleavage or upskirts of course. LOL.

That’s all for now

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