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Disease free


By this time, I’m sure all of youse already know about the Flu type A or in short, H1N1 or in other terms, pig flu or hey of course, the best coined term, SELSEMA BABI.

I rarely take the public transport. Usually I drive my car to work. But there are times where I feel like or needed to take it. Crowded place, so, I wear ’em masks. I only wear the mask in the LRT though. Other places like malls, supermarket, nope.

The mass media already spread the awareness of this H1N1 thing. It depends on the people to take action in protecting them from the flu. Eventhough I knew the specifications of the high risks group that might get the flu, hey, I don’t want to take any chances. Masks on.

But there’s one thing I hate though.

Some of these assholes, they already knew they have flu (not necessarily H1N1), cough, fever, etc., they still want to ride the public transport and spread their germs. Now, what the fuck with the self centered attitude? Coughing, blow their nose and spreading shits airborne. Come one man, at least wear a mask if you want to go public.

The next person I saw did this, Imma gonna hit ’em in the face. Hahaha, if there is no law of hitting people who spread germs of course.


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