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Month: February 2004

pop up yang biadap

i was bored using this slow ass notebook. it takes a long time to load a program like ie. not to mention adobe photoshop. this problem happens due to burned ram. i discover it when i send this notebook to a shop. the shop owner told me my notebook hanged because of software or ram and he adviced me to remove the ram. when i removed it, no more hangs but my ram became 128. point being, because of this slowness, i used my desktop computer which is…far far far more better. that’s when i discover there are many junk program in my desktop. i suspect this happens when my mom or my sisters using the computer.

they probably accidently click on the popup ads or just want to click the popup because it looked fun. i was filled with rage :evil: when i saw all these fucking program fucking up my computer. these program is also hard to remove. they hide on many folders in case the user deletes them. i felt like formatting the desktop and give it a fresh look but i already installed many programs in the pc and it will take me one day and a half to bring it back to normal if i format it. so, i choose to remove it manually by deleting all of it from the folder to the registry. after done with it, i searched for a pop up killer at i found this fantastic and efficient popup killer. it was called “Another IE Pop Up Killer“. in the free version, there are some menu you can configure like do we want this program to start every time we on the computer, notify us when there is a popup, etc. of course if we buy the full version, there is a buckload of settings we can configure. plus, we don’t even have to install the program since there are just one main program to start it. i recommend you all to use this program :upss:. more information about this program can be found at, take a look at the screen shot here or download the program here.


a vulnerability in database

last night while lying on my bed staring at the ceiling and killing some lizard, a friend buzz me on ym. he told me to go to a link he gave. when i clicked, it shows me a detailed information about database. it even shows the username, password and database name. the php script used to get the information was very simple. just by implementing the script into the website, we can get many information like customer name, address and even credit card numbers. how a big company like air asia don’t fully secure their server. this could endanger their database and of course, the customer information. probably their it department should read more about security. shit dude, i was thinking, there was nothing secure in this world. there are probably some pervert looking at me taking a dump every morning using a satellite. who knows?

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unsafe driving or just plain crazy?

i was doing nothing last night, err…wait, i was doing something last night. i was busy taking apart computers and assembled it back. yeah, sounds great but it was, erm painful actually. i was doing it for mru. their print server seldom hang or crash, so i was offering boss to assemble a new one based on the default pc and install a new software. the painful part is when opening the casing. the steel was too sharp. i cut myself many times. ishk. but anywhuu, the pc works great. minus the slow processor and busted monitor. after that, i was doing some layout for euroaxis. it’s been a week since i design this layout and i seems can’t get it finished. maybe tomorrow. after finished at mru, i went to puchong to send boss to his house. puchong’s quite far from my house. after breakfast, i went home. because of the time (6:30am) and i want to get home before i trapped in the traffic jam, i was driving at 130km/h all the way from puchong and then i took the ampang/cheras exit which was a mistake because it was damn-damn far although it was a straight road to my house and it has no traffic jams. i arrived at home about 7:20am. but i should’nt do this frequently. i has been warned many times by my mom about driving like an idiot but i barely listen. i need to listen to her advice from now on. accident sucks because i have been in one, no wait, it’s two, wait…err…

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being an owl

hurrah hurrah…finally ustaz is online and he can help me with the linux server. all this while i was stump and don’t know what to do. we can’t log in to the server because the password has been changed by someone. i don’t know who, but now thanks to ustaz, i can now log in. while ustaz is online, i started to asked him all sorts of question mostly about linux…and a part about ‘the ex’ and ‘the hack in the box’. he showed me some neat trick to do with linux and windows. well, it’s just for fun. i always wanted to learn linux. there are times where i installed linux on my pc just to get the feel of it and learning by doing it. yeah…it was cool until i felt that i need some space for my mp3 and video clip i had to delete the linux. probably some day i’ll buy an used computer just for linux so i can experiment and do some stuff. i can’t sleep at night right now. probably because i sleep at day and stay up at night. yeah, i’m busy doing some web design work for some company. i get more idea at night. so, pening kepala lah sikit. but i managed to find some time to tidy up my room. before this, it was a pigsty. now it’s easier to the eye. and yeah, no smell…he he he. lega sikit nak buat kerja.

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a joke went too far

phew, last night i check, my space has become too crowded. most of them are picture files from my photoblogs. so, like a worried monkey, i download all of the photos (shit, i don’t have any copies on my pc), and started to minimize the graphics and compress them using this great tool i found on the program was neat. it slashed half of the space my photoblogs use. due to we don’t know what the hell happened problems on my webserver, my imagemagick module was still unavailable. so i had to use manual thumbnailing for the photoblogs. banyak hal la sikit. but somehow i noticed that software thumbnailing is far more better than imagemagick in terms of size and quality. don’t know if i’m about to use software thumbnailing from now on but imagemagick is great because it eliminate the hassle of me having to crop the pictures, uploading, etc. except for the big ass thubnail file size they produced.

:beng: i’ve been insensitive lately. cussing people and not thinking of their emotion. what the hell happened to me? like i’m slowly turning into a full time asshole. i remember one afternoon having just wake up from sleep and started to make some crude joke to one of this people on my ym. suddenly he started to jammed me back. i can say this dude is really pissed off. this is the one person among all my friend that still take my joke too seriously. i mean, too 8-O seriously. i don’t know what the hell his problems are but i’ve done many jokes that far more worse than that but the only reactions i get was a bit angry at first but then we just shake hands and get over it. i don’t know lah. probably this whole mess is my fault, or i don’t know how to write properly or whatever. so, to him, all i can say is…:furk:

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my c programming final project

for my final, i had to write a program in c in groups. one of the girls choose me to be in her group. i thought she can help me with this but she seems busy with her family, etc. (yes, my classmate is married). so, i had to do all of it on my own. she just do the presentation. how fun…i have a copy of the program here. feel free to look at it…get the whole code here.

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my barcode

My Barcode barcode on the left reads / worth: a 21 year old male, that lives in Malaysia, is 89 inches heigh and weighs 143.29 pounds is: $2.80. full of crap eh? get your barcode here.




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rambut dia macam orang putih lah

parents aku baru balik dari penang. ah…akhirnya aku dapat makan nasi yang original. kalau tak biasanya aku makan nasik kedai ataupun kakak aku masak. tapi memandangkan kakak aku pun bz kerja, biasanya nasik kedai aje la. lambat gila aku bangun hari sabtu. dekat pukul 11. bangun sarapan, pastu bantai tidur lagi. ntah le. tak tau pasai apa. masa aku bangun sekejap tuh, tengah mamai, mak aku tanya nak dye rambut ke tak, aku dengan pening kepala pun iyekan aje la. sudahnya bila dah siap, rambut aku perang habis. dah macam orang putih plak. tak kisah la tu kot. malamnye, aku kene teman mak & kakak aku pi pasar malam, depa nak beli ikan. lama seh tak pergi pasar malam ni. kalau tak, dulu2 hari sabtu aje memang pergi ah pasar malam ni. wajib. saja nak tengok-tengok barang makan dan orang. ahe he. dulu masa aku pergi pasar malam, selalu gak aku jadi stalker. hehe. orang first yang aku cari, ex time sekolah dulu. ana cikgu besar. saja je kalau jumpa boleh rehash balik zaman-zaman dahulu kala. lagi sorang yang aku cari, si dee. aku baru tau dia ni jiran setaman aku time kat uitm. anywhuu, kalau jumpa dee ni pun bukannya aku buat borak-borak. sekadar angkat tangan aje. aku tak minat dee. macam kata-kata hilmi semalam time aku borak ngan dia kat dalam msn messenger, takde selera. aheheh…time kat pasar malam ni gak le aku ternampak ada la sekor dua pakai cap dan cermin mata hitam duk jalan-jalan kat pasar malam ni. aku pun terpikir yang gile betul panas malaysia ni sampai malam pun nak pakai cermin mata hitam. mungkin sebab nak bergaya kot…ahehehe…gile. ni disambil aku menaip entry nih, aku tengah testing cd-player aku yang baru. adik aku pi beli, nak ganti yang hilang dulu. well, anywhuu, aku tak suruh pun dia beli ganti balik. tapi bila dia dah beli, lantak le. aku tak kisah…

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gambar friendster member

untuk merumuskan semuanya, aku layan friendster gak selain daripada myspace. aku layan friendster dulu. masa first2 dulu, ada ramai member-member yang hantar e-mel kat aku, invite join friendster tapi aku duk delete je e-mel tu. last-last bila frienster tu dah hype, aku pun join le. pastu aku join plak myspace. cerita pasal friendster, ada satu member aku ambik gambar style macam ni. tak tau le aku rasa kelakar ke apa ke, tapi disebabkan aku tengah boring dan aku baru je bangun dari tidur petang aku, aku pun ambik gambar ni. saja suka suka…ahe he he. sapa yang ada add aku kat friendster, cari le kalau jumpa member aku yg pose gaya cam gambar ni. dan kepada yang pose gambar camni jangan mara aa… gurau je…hehehehehehhe…

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final aku dah habis

huhu…akhirnya, final aku dah habis. pening kepala, tension-tension pun dah beransur-ansur hilang. lagipun aku lama aku tak post, busy dengan study (ceeewahhhh…). anywhuu…bile final dah habis ni, aku terpaksa sibuk dengan kerja-kerja web design la. dah melambak dah. tak siap-siap. untuk ringankan kerja aku, aku buat sub kat sesapa yang berminat nak design grafik untuk aku. ada la yang berminat. sekarang aku ada la selalu lepak kat mru. tolong-tolong si boss setting server olympic ni. pakai linux redhat, boleh la sikit-sikit. aku reti mandrake aje, walaupun linux mana-mana pun sama gak. tapi tadi ada masalah dengan login root. bengong, kene mintak tolong ustaz gak nanti. dia ok je, takpe la kot. aku bila kat mru ni suka download aje sebab rate dia lagi tinggi dari rumah aku. sini 1mb, rumah aku 512 je. aku punya cd player hilang haritu. aku letak dalam kereta. pastu adik aku pulak bawak kereta pastu parking kat luar rumah tak kunci kereta. apa lagi, kena sapu lah. aku perasan time kereta ada kat luar rumah tuh, aku ada nampak satu lori parking depan rumah nenek putih. aku hanya mampu syak aje la. tapi apa boleh buat kan. benda dah hilang. sayang aku dengan cd player tu. cam nyawa. kumpul duit siap punye lama nak beli…ahe he…

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nak jadi playa ke?

hari ni aku kena bangun awal. iyelah, tengah syok-syok tido elma telefon aku. tapi aku tak sempat jawab. bila aku call balik, dia sound aku pasal assignment c. aku duk termenung kejap, pastu baru aku teringat yang nak kena antar hari ni. aku apelagi, cepat2 mandi, pastu pegi kolej. sampai kolej aku lepak ngan mel kejap kat bawah, isap rokok. dia pun apa lagi, open cerita yang dia nak ushar si nad. aku malas nak layan cerita-cerita camni tapi disebabkan semalam aku dah baca semua mesej dalam henset dia, secara automatiknya dia budget aku tau gak pasal hal tuh. so, terpaksa la aku dengar. time aku lepak kat library, aku dapat le tengok kemesraan diorang dua orang tuh. sampai dah naik meluat aku tengok. anywhuu, aku tak kisah. janji jangan susahkan orang lain udah. pandai-pandai jaga diri. tetiba elma suruh jumpa dia kat kedai fotostat belakang kolej. dia duk buat assignment c kat situ. siap dengan print sekali. huh, elokle. patutnya bagi aku buat, pastu print semua sekali. lagi lawa aku rasa. dia nak cepat lagipun, dia tinggal anak dia dalam kereta. aku terpikir dalam hati aje, apasal tak bawak aje anak dia keluar. harini pulak hari last lecturer aku kat kolej ampang. dia kena pindah ke shah alam. aku suka belajar ngan lecturer ni sebab muka dia ada iras-iras jennifer garner / catherine zeta jones…ahahks. anywhuu, lepas antar assignment, si mel duk mengadu kat aku pasal ada sorang member sound nad pasal nampak dia (mel) jalan ngan awek lain kat ampang park. aku mengeluh, eh bukan, menjerit dalam hati…adui le…masalah cenggini pun nak mengadu kat aku. nak jadi playa, tapi kene kantoi sikit camni pun dah menggelabah gile. aku suh dia lepak-lepak je. buat tak tau udahla. salah satu skill nak jadi playa ni kene denied everything. sebabkan aku tak mau jadi bosan ataupun meluat dengar cerita-cerita jiwang ni, aku balik rumah terus. tido lagi best…

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