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Month: June 2006

idiot fest

i actually don’t know what it’s all about but i was forced to went to this thing. in short, they called this event a day where the seniors can meet the juniors and vice versa. not forgetting the mentors and there are also some snacks.

i was thinking. this is a waste of time. but no, i have to attend it because ‘the general’ has ordered. the event was poorly organized, stupid mc, stupid activities, cramped room, too many people in small places, stampede, suck choice on the food, etc.

like i said before. an idiot fest. anywhoo, at least i get to eat a whole ice cream.

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i’ve seen those drama swasta at tv. and no, i’m not into it. well, huh, somebody likes it so i don’t care. but it kinda erm…how do i put this, entertaining weird when we see one in real life.

there’s this kid, who of course with this girl. i guess they are an item. walk together all showing affections together to other people, smoking cigarettes side by side. throwing cautions in the wind like they just don’t care.

but at the end of the day, they seems like arguing something. i don’t know what because i’m not too busybody that day. they girl were like, throwing tantrums, looking at other side and the guy keeps talking to her, calming her down, pujuk or something. i can make more jokes but i have to watch out for karma. hehe…later dudes and dudettes…

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msa vs mr (satu cerihik) : prolog

bosan. itu aje yang aku ucap tetiap hari. suatu hari aku terpikir nak buat cerita dongeng. ala, cam novel tu haa walaupun aku takde pengalaman mahupun latihan menulis novel. tapi, korang tau tak apa tu cerihik? cerita + hikayat. dongeng la senang cerita. tapi peduli apa aku. baca aje la. ingat, ni fiksyen.

sudah tentu, lumrah manusia menginginkan sesuatu yang agak mustahil jadi milik mereka. mereka bermula dengan bermimpi. jika dedikasi tu ada, suatu hari, dia dapat juga apa yang diingininya tuh. memanglah, pada mula orang akan bagi macam-macam label. gila lah, mimpi siang lah. tapi, kata-kata sahaja bukanlah masalah kan?

sama dengan aku. nampak satu benda contohnya makanan kat kedai, menitik air liur nak. jadi, berusahalah aku kumpul duit untuk dapatkan makanan tu. tapi ada satu lagi yang aku nak. bendanya tak boleh beli dengan duit. tapi tak tau la kalau dia ni mata duitan. apa yang aku nak ialah teman. teman hidup. ramai yang kata, apa masalahnya. cari aje la. boleh, aku boleh cari, tapi apa yang aku nak ialah yang sudah jadi milik orang.

aku kenal rapat dengan teman ni dari sekolah rendah. dia anak guru besar. baru transfer ke sekolah aku. ramai-ramai orang yang ada kat sekolah tu, aku ialah orang pertama yang dia tegur. pelik, tapi benar. bila aku dan teman ni selalu lepak bersama-sama, ramai la pulak yang bawak gosip bercinta lah, apa lah. tapi itu tak pernah timbul kat dalam kepala otak aku. weh, baru 12 tahun. jadi aku ‘don’t give a shit’ la kiranya. tapi, who am i kidding? akhirnya muncul jugak rasa sayang tu.

habis sekolah rendah. masing-masing bawak haluan sendiri. aku dapat pegi sekolah berasrama, dia dapat pegi sekolah harian. aku cakap, takpe, aku hantar surat setiap 2 minggu. keep the ‘no string attached relationship’ open. aku pathui janji aku, tapi hanya sampai 2 bulan sahaja. lepas tu aku lupa. sibuk dengan dunia aku, bertemu dengan orang lain. bak kata dr. m, melayu mudah lupa.

yap. mungkin aku dah lupakan teman aku tu.


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update the yahoo

i didn’t know that yahoo already updated their messenger client to 7.5 and i’m still using the 7.0. uh, probably because i didn’t use much of it lately, except when i want to annoy people with the various audibles (sorry la nurul). nowdays i use gaim or the super light centericq. they’re much lighter and easier than ym. plus, they accept multiple client login. anywhoo, didn’t want to be left behind, i download the installer for ym 7.5.

the problem is, yahoo only provide a web installer at their messenger website. i must say, the web installer sucks. mine stopped and hanged at 68% twice. time is precious. fed up with it, i searched for ym offline installer at google. i found it and download the program from there. nice, nice.

the difference between the 7.0 anf 7.5 is the advertisement at the main window. the banner is kinda annoying. so again, i use the google and found this website that gave instructions on how to remove the banner. it requires you to play with the registry. so, be careful and enjoy.

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plane on the highway, man

i think it was about 3 am. i heading home from klang doing some works and watching the football with friends. the road was mysteriously empty. no traffic from both of the way. i’m driving happily on the federal highway, obeying the speed limit when suddenly i felt a vibration on the car. wtf? an earthquake? that’s when i saw a damn learjet flew right above my car. i think it’s a class 40 learjet (crap, i do want one of those planes) with the flaps up and gear down ready to landing.

i panicked. all sorts of scenario playing in my brain. maybe i’ll crash into that plane or maybe i manage to stop at the side of the road. well i indeed stop my car at the side. when the plane already landed and stop, i come out from the car and start swearing. “what the hell is wrong with you people. this is the fucking highway not a damn airport. i could crash onto your plane”. the ‘hand gestures’ also played well with the swearing.


my wi-fi

a while ago, i am the only person on my neighbourhood to have a wireless internet connection. i even detected that there are some who tried to steal the connection. but of course, unsuccessfull thanks to the WPA. eventho’ it’s good to be the king that time, it is not a permanent spot. since there are many tech savvy out there, the number of wireless internet users in my area are increasing.

thus, the battle for the channel 6 on 2.4 Ghz has begun. it’s annoying when i restart my router and the wireless dosen’t work. right now i’m save on other channel but probably one day some jackass gonna steal that channel. maybe i have to jam all of my neighbours wi-fi. check this article out.

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sorry for the downtime. my idiot webhosting didn’t tell me they’re changing the server’s IP. it’s okay now…i think

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streamyx got suckier day by day. it downs the mood of writing something. lol, i know, lame excuse for not having an idea. i’ll post something later…

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decoding dream

takde apa pulak aku nak buat hari ni. boring. jadi aku copy paste artikel yang aku jumpe kat internet ni.

selamat hari sabtu.

We’ve all had that dream. The naked Nordic warrior princess, the ex-girlfriend, the woman with no face. Sexual dreams are part of living with testicles for men.

But guess what? These nighttime forays into fantasyland might mean a lot more psychologically than you’re giving them credit for.

Dreams are your mind’s way of exploring ideas, desires and fears that are too abstract, too disturbing or too overwhelming to think about during waking existence. And erotic dreams need not involve you in the hot tub with the Playboy bunnies. They can be symbolic references that make statements about your emotional and erotic states without being graphic.

The purpose of these dreams is to mentally act out fantasy thoughts so you’re not repressing them any longer. It’s extremely healthy, and necessary. It’s like your mind emptying out the trash.

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